May 19 2018

Updated: 1963 Mustang III Concept Show Car a Big Hit at the AACA Museum Exhibit Opening Reception

Over 400 people enjoyed the opening reception last Friday of the AACA Museum's exhibit "Mustangs: Six Generations of America's Favorite Pony Car" including Ford icons John Clor and Gale Halderman (above). The Mustang III is one of 30 Mustangs on display in Hershey, Pennsylvania until October 14, 2018.


Howard Kroplick

The Program

The Mustang III was featured on the reception program.

Following the reception, an amazing Mustang panel discussion was held.

Mustang III on Display

Prior to the reception, Art Hyde, John Clor and Gale Halderman posed in front of the Mustang III. Courtesy of the AACA Museum.

The Mustang III exhibit placard.

The Mustang III is on display near the amazing Cammack Tucker exhibit seen in the background.

The Mustang III Team: Dave Baum, Howard Kroplick and John Cuocco. Courtesy of Pam Hirschhorn of

I was busy all night with Mustang fans.

I had some memorable conversations with Gale Halderman and John Clor.

All 400 people stayed for the panel discussion.

Kudos to the AACA Museum for a wonderful event!


May 19 2018 Leo Cerruti 11:16 PM

John Clor, good friend, he’s come to our car shows on LI several times now. Always a lot of fun, he and his wife Jennie.
Howard Kroplick

Leo, John Clor has the best sense of humor of any executive in the automobile industry.

May 20 2018 Laura and Kenneth Harris 9:22 AM

Great presentation!

Ken Harris

May 20 2018 Nancy Gates 11:33 PM

Thanks so much for coming to the opening and for loaning us your car for a few months.  It was a fun night with lots of interesting stories.  See you in June at The Elegance!

Jun 06 2018 R Troy 12:03 AM

Funny, I was at the AACA museum a few weeks ago as a stop-off on a round trip to the Pittsburgh area for a wedding.  Nice museum, I especially liked the Tucker exhibit!  But I’d have love to see the Mustang exhibit!

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