Feb 29 2012

Cars of the Stars Part I

Robert Richer has forwarded an email of "Nifty Cars and Nifty Owners". Check out Part I of the cars of the stars.


Howard Kroplick

Fatty Arbuckle and his 1919 Pierce Arrow

Robert Montgomery and his Cadillac Sport Phaeton

Al Jolson and his Mecedes


Mar 04 2012 darrell lester 8:35 AM

Hey Howie,

I loved the Celebrity Cars/Part 1—- maybe a whole new book for you on this subject… with very widespread appeal!

Mar 04 2012 Chris Osborne 11:00 AM

Howard, this is great!  My passion, exactly what my art work is all about…cars & stars…. thanks for posting the pics!


Mar 04 2012 Hugh Nutting 11:58 AM

Howard, there some great images of Rita Hayworth with her 1941 Continental coupe - having a computer problem or would send. She also had a Cadillac with a Ghia body that has been posted several times.  Some of the star cars were built on the east coast. A 1941 Cadillac woodie was done in up-state NY for Adolphe Menjou before his Hollywood days. - - -  great site as always.

Mar 05 2012 Tom 9:55 PM

Love that ‘33 Cadillac Phaeton!  What an imposing car!

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