Aug 01 2017

Hemmings Classic Car: A Shout Out to Richard Lentinello’s Ride in the Alco Black Beast

In the August 2017 issue of Hemmings Classic Car, executive editor Richard Lentinello recalled his ride through the streets of Roslyn in the Alco Black Beast in his monthly column.

Back in 2012, Richard visited the the Waterfront of Roslyn garage to photograph the Alco Black Beast. His wonderful images were featured in the January 2013 award-winning article "The Black Beast". In May 2014, senior editor Jim Donnelly was awarded first place for a magazine feature in the AARWBA writer’s competition for the 2013 article.

Howard Kroplick

"And I certainly will never forget my ride in the 1909 Alco that won the Vanderbilt Cup back in the day. On the forever crowded roads of Long Island, for once I was glad I wasn't the one doing the driving".


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