Aug 26 2015

Highlights from the 2015 Port Jefferson Hill Climb (Updated 8/28/15)

More highlights from the wonderful Port Jefferson Hill Climb held last Sunday.

Check out the amazing videos submitted by Jeff Payne and Andy Hartwell and photos submitted by Robert Land, Jeff Payne and Bruce Adams.

Jeff, Andy and Robert, your contributions are much appreciated!

Port Jefferson Hill Climb smiles and thumbs up will be posted later this week.


Howard Kroplick

The Hill Climbers

A sampling of the vintage automobiles that challenged the Port Jefferson Hill.

The Alco Black Beast on the Hill

Submitted by David Baum

Submitted by Robert Lang

Submitted by Jeff Payne

Submitted by Bruce Adams


A video submitted by Jeff Payne

A video submitted by Andy Hartwell

Video on board the Alco Black Beast


Aug 30 2015 cathy ball 7:11 AM

Great stuff!  Congratulations!cb

Aug 30 2015 Lee Stohr 9:16 AM

Is that Tim George’s replica Baker Torpedo electric racer? The 999 car.
From Howard Kroplick

The program listed the owner of the 1903 Baker was Robert Laravie

Aug 30 2015 Bruce Adams 10:40 AM

What a nice opportunity to “Climb the Hill” aboard the Black Beast !  Thanks.

Aug 30 2015 Ted 1:29 PM

Omg,were you having a blast or what?,out there all by yourself and moving at a pretty good,I would say. Thanks for the pics and video,great shots

Aug 30 2015 Roger A. Price 9:07 PM

I’m thrilled that you were finally able to make the climb of the East Broadway hill in Port Jefferson.  We all had a great time making the climb and I could tell by the smile on your face that you thoroughly enjoyed it.
All’s well that ends well.

Sep 01 2015 Ted 1:20 AM

Looking at the videos over and over to capture everything,not to miss a thing of what was happening,I noticed The Beast was struggling a little and I think you changed gears and it was fine,this was at the top of the hill,am I right about that? And also to see the expression on your face while driving,the joy you were having,waa whoo,I’m going to make it to the top
From Howard Kroplick

Ted, good catch, I shifted from second to first near the top of the hill. Great fun!

Sep 01 2015 nomi solo 12:18 PM

Our antique auto hill climb committee was thrilled with the participation of so many wonderful vintage autos. we thank you all for being a part of our historic re-creation of this historic event. see you in 5 years.  thanks. rich carlsen and nomi solo

Sep 02 2015 Ted 1:03 AM

I don’t miss a thing ,do I?,that’s why I had to watch it over again,something didn’t look or sound right,so I zoomed in and listened and knew you must have shifted,just by the sound of the engine,otherwise it would have stalled out,that was a thrill in itself,wasn’t it?

Apr 26 2016 robert laravie 9:28 AM

Re the 999 car Howard and the program were correct it is a modern interpetation of the Baker Torpedo Kid , Tim George is working on the Torpedo for Kid stuff go to torpedo the site has a facebook link I posted some build info there, looking for 2016 events to take the car.

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