Oct 04 2016

Did This Mitchell Racer Participate in the 1908 Nassau Sweepstakes?

Erik T. is looking for information on a 1908/1909 Mitchell that he acquired last year.

Erik T.: "I got this Mitchell model "J" from an old friend of the family last year. I remember it being wheeled into his garage in 1978, but I have so far been unable to uncover much about its history.  It is attractive to me as it is relatively small, 95" wheelbase, 200 cubic inch "F" head overhead valve, with 5 main bearings. Selective, 3 speed "dog" gear box and conventional shaft drive back axle.  
I have "registered in RI" plates, number 1579. (dates from 1908/1909)  
Needs a complete overhaul and restoration, but should be fun for the VSCCA hill climbs, particularly the one out near Springfield.  Going to take a few years to finish. 
Wondering if you have any images or other unpublished info on the 1908 Nassau cup race, which a team of Mitchells were entered. The pictures I have seen show the identical car that I have, as running in the small class. 

Erik, two Mitchell Racers participated in the 1908 Nassau Sweepstakes which ran concurrently with the 1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race and four other sweepstakes. Below are some images of these Mitchells.

Does  anyone have any suggestions for Erik concerning the documentation of his Mitchel?


Howard Kroplick

The Starting Line of the 1908 Nassau Sweepstakes


#N1 Mitchell driven by W. Olney. Finished 3rd. Note the matching Mitchell sweaters worn by Olney and his mechanician.

#N7 Buick driven by L.H. Titus. Finished 5th.

#N1 Mitchell

Courtesy of the Detroit Public Library.

#N1 trailing #J13 Maxwell after passing the Carman Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge in East Meadow.

#N5 Mitchell

The #N5 Mitchell passing the Hempstead Plains grandstand. Note: The band on the bottom left.

 Starter Fred Wagner flagging the fourth place finish for the #N5 Mitchell.


Oct 09 2016 Syd 12:35 AM

It looks as if additional documentation on the cars and their performance in the race may be found through the newspapers on the fulton history website at http://www.fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html using for the search the following terms—-

“nassau sweepstakes” mitchell 1908

Oct 09 2016 S. Berliner, III 4:21 PM

Hard to tell for sure but the racers SEEM to have longer wheelbases than Erik’s car.  Sam, III

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