Apr 02 2012

Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society Visits a Hidden Parkway Section in Dix Hills

Last Sunday, Carmine and Arlene graciously invited the Long Island Motor Preservation Society to view their 275-foot section of the Motor  Parkway in their Dix Hills backyard. Here are highlights, including a video by John McAuliffe.


Howard Kroplick

Update: April 3, 2012 Slideshow of the Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society in Dix Hills: Carmine describing how he uncovered the Motor Parkway in the 1980s. Mark Adler and Bruce Adams drove their marvelous Model A Fords on the original Motor Parkway pavement. Over 40 members of the Long Island Motor Parkway Preservation Society had a blast on this historic site. The Black Beast made an unique family car. Another thumbs up! Giving the Black Beast's horn a honk. Describing the Motor Parkway "E-Z" pass to a Newsday reporter and photographer who covered the event. Several of Carmine and Arlene's family enjoying the Black Beast.

John McAuliffe documented the return of the Alco Black Beast and two Model A Fords on the Motor Parkway in this two-minute video. Great work, John!

Thanks Carmine and Arlene for a wonderful day on the Motor Parkway!

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Apr 03 2012 Art K. 7:27 PM

Great day on the Motor Parkway!

Apr 04 2012 Howard Kroplick 10:39 PM

Fron Ron R:
” Once again, my hats off to you and the LIMP Preservation Society attendees with Carmine, Arlene and Newsday personnel. You put on a great blog to your site for all of us to enjoy and again,  I was there in spirit and glad to see it on my PC at home !!!”

Apr 04 2012 Holly 10:47 PM

A great big thanks to our hosts Carmine and Arlene and their family in showing us how much fun it is to have a piece of history in their own backyard. Their hospitality was so refreshing. Thanks to Howard for sharing his own take with his Alco, as well as Bruce and Mark with their A’s. From what I can see only Bruce had the EZ pass so Howard and Mark still owe a toll for their usage if LIMP.  It was a super day!!!

Apr 08 2012 Howard Kroplick 3:10 AM

From Ellen R:
“I wanted to thank you for arranging the opportunity to visit the section of motor parkway.  It was a very enjoyable afternoon meeting others of the group in a more informal setting and meeting the homeowners.  They were very gracious to open their home to us and offer refreshments.  It was a pleasure to meet and chat with the members of the family.  A thank you to you and to the homeowners. “

Apr 09 2012 Tom 11:14 AM

Very cool. How far back does it extend? Does the road go beyond that fence there in the pic with the Alco in it?

Apr 10 2012 Frank 10:28 PM

The Black Beast on the Motor Parkway once again!!! Truly awesome! Thank you Carmine and Arlene for making it happen. smile

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