Aug 19 2019

Mystery Auto #33 Solved: George Barris’ 1963 Buick Villa Riviera

A Rhode Island collector challenged you to identify his "Hollywood" star.

Answers to the Mystery Foto questions:

  • Identify this custom car and its nickname

This is the Villa Riviera.

  • What was the car before it was customized?

Based on a 1963 Buick Riviera.

  • Who created this automobile?

Custom car builder George Barris.

  • What film did this automobile "star" in?

For Those Who Think Young staffing James Darren, Nancy Sinatra and Bob Denver (Gilligan).

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Congrats to Greg O., Dick Gorman, Al Prete, Richard Poisson, Mark Schaier, Marty Jablonski, Ron Ridolph, Casey DeNicola, Steve Lucas and Bill Gilmore for identifying the Villa Riviera. Very impressive!

Kudos to Greg O., Dick Gorman, Al Prete,  Marty Jablonski,Casey DeNicola, Steve Lucas and Bill Gilmore for  identifying the unforgettable film For Those Who Think Young (see below).


Howard Kroplick

Villa Riviera Up-Close

The History of Villa Riviera By Ginnie & Jeff Goldstein


Aug 16 2019 Greg O. 7:55 AM

George Barris’ 1963 Buick Riviera of Encino, California. George, who owned and operated Barris Kustom City in North Hollywood, California, designed the car himself. Known as “The Villa Riviera Buick,” the build was completed in 1963. In 1964 a white iteration of the car appeared in the popular Surf-movie “For Those Who Think Young”.

Aug 16 2019 Dick Gorman 10:07 AM

Mystery Foto #33… This pretty custom car is a 1963 Buick Riviera with the nickname of “Villa Riviera”. This car was given to famed customizer George Barris by Buick to do with what he liked. He customized and used it as his personal car for a while. The Buick starred in the movie ” For Those Who Think Young”. It also appeared in the TV series ‘The Outer Limits”.

Aug 17 2019 Al Prete 8:59 AM

The car was nicknamed the “Villa Riviera.” It began life as a 1963 Buick Riviera, and was customized by George Barris. It starred in a movie called “For Those Who Think Young,” starring James Darren, Pamela Tiffin, Nancy Sinatra, and Bob Denver. I admit to feeding a few keywords into a search engine to get this one.

Aug 18 2019 Richard Poisson 7:06 AM

- Bella Riviera
- Buick Riviera
- George Barris
- The Lively Set

Aug 18 2019 mark schaier 9:55 AM

The car is 1963 Buick Barris Kustom Villa Riviera
A 1963 Buick Riviera customize by George Barris the famed Hollywood customizer.
Was on display at The Greenwich (CT.) Concours d’ Elegance June 1, 2019.
Howard was at the event with his blue ribbon award winning (of course) Tucker.

Aug 18 2019 Marty Jablonski 10:58 AM

This Beautiful Custom 1963 Buick Riviera known as the “Villa Riviera” was created by the famous George Barris. The car was given to Barris by Buick to see what he could do with it, the result as you can see is a beautiful custom. The car was extended 6 inches in the front and 5 in the back, and the roof cut. Over the years the car was sold to different owners and was repainted at least 5 different times in different colors before being restored to Candy Apple Red, it started its custom life painted White. it appeared in the James Darren 1964 movie “For Those Who Think Young” afterward Darren used the car for his personal use. it also appeared in Perry Mason and Bullocks TV show. there are detailed interesting articles on the web on “Kustomrama” and “carkulturedeluxe”. the current owner having done a prior Riviera restoration restored the car to its current state, preserving a piece of Riviera history.
Buick On
Marty Jablonski
Director Long Island Buick Club

Aug 18 2019 Ron Ridolph 2:51 PM

  This is a 63 Buick villa owned by Jeff and Ginny Goldstein that was customized
by george barris and was purchased at an auction.

                            Ron Ridolph

Aug 18 2019 Casey DeNicola 4:52 PM

I believe the car is a series 1 Riviera (1963-65). Don’t know what film it was in or what it was called,but I would bet it was created by George Barris.

Aug 18 2019 Steve Lucas 4:57 PM

That’s the “Villa Riviera” which started out life as a 1963 Buick Riviera before it was customized by famous custom car builder George Barris. It had a starring role in the movie “For Those Who Think Young” with James Darren and Nancy Sinatra. It also appeared in the Perry Mason TV show. I think the current owner is Jeffrey B. Goldstein of Warwick, RI. I’m attaching 2 photos from the movie and one from TV.

image image image
Aug 18 2019 Casey DeNicola 5:09 PM

Car was called “Villa Riviera”,and was in “Those Who Think Young”.

Aug 18 2019 John Ulrich 10:51 PM

1967 Olds Toronado.
Used in CBS series Mannix Season 1 1967-68, (Sat 10 pm time slot).

Made by Roger Baris custom care shop.
Very cool car in its day. Hide-a-way headlights& front wheel drive .

Aug 19 2019 Bill Gilmore ` 1:24 AM

Mystery car #33 is a 1963 Buick Riviera customized by ‘Barris Bro’s. Kustoms’ and named the “Villa Riviera”. It was repainted white and used in the 1964 movie ‘For Those Who Think Young’ featuring Nancy Sinatra and James Darren.

Aug 19 2019 frank femenias 1:55 PM

Looks like a modified ‘70s Pontiac Grand Prix or Chevy Monte Carlo but all searches went dry. I was confident the two phones on the dash would easily give it away, especially if the car appeared in a movie. Looking forward to learn how this vehicle was located on the web.

Aug 19 2019 Howard Kroplick 8:41 PM

Villa Riviera
Buick Riviera
“For those who think young”
George Barris

Aug 19 2019 Howard Kroplick 8:50 PM

Mark Schaier
The Barris Customized Buick


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