Mar 31 2014

Mystery Foto #61 Solved: The Nibbe Farmway Bridge in Central Park (Bethpage)

Frank Femenias forwarded this challenging Mystery Foto of a Motor Parkway Bridge under construction.

Mystery Foto questions:

-Identify the location of the photo.

This is the Nibbe Farmway Bridge located after Deadman's Curve #2 in  Central Park (now Bethpage).

-What direction was the photo shot?

Based on the tree on the right and the treeline under the bridge, the photographer was lloking south.

-What was the approximate date of the photograph?

The Motor Parkway under this bridge was opened for the Motor Parkway Sweepstakes held on October 10, 1908. Accordingly, the phot was taken in the summer of 1908, likely from July to August.

Congrats to Greg O., Tim Ivers, Brian McCarthy, Steve Lucas and Frank Femenias for correctly identifying the Mystery Foto!



Howard Kroplick

A Google Earth aerial submitted by Frank Femenias.


One of the buildings on the Stymus Farm.

Nibbe Farmway Bridge-Looking South on October 10, 1908

W.R. Burns driving  the #J11 Chalmers-Detroit after passing the Nibble Farmway Bridge during the 1908 Jericho Sweepstakes. Burns fnished 1st in  this sweepstakes, averaging 46.2 miles per hour. Note the large trees on the right on the south side of the bridge.

The treeline under the bridge matches the treeline seen in the Mystery Foto.


Mar 28 2014 Joe Oesterle 6:33 AM

I would say it has to be Powell Ave, or Plainview Road, one of the two bridges that went over the LIMP in that area.  Since the photo shows the bed of the parkway being laid, and it is obviously going under the bridge.  As for the direction, I would only be guessing.  The date is the summer of 1908.  After the June groundbreaking and before the parkway opened.
Great photo.
-joe o.

Mar 28 2014 Greg O. 10:02 AM

Looking South at the Nibbe Farmway Bridge with Deadman’s curve #2 just beyond the bridge. The Nibbe farmhouse is to the left. Constuction for that bridge would have been in July/Aug 1908.

Mar 28 2014 Tim Ivers 8:26 PM

The Nibbe (Lane) farmway bridge
Looking south

Mar 29 2014 Ted 12:40 AM

I’m taking a shot at it. I have 3 choices to make, with my 1st being the Powell Ave Bridge, because I think that’s the Bethpage Lodge to the left of the bridge. 2nd Nibbe Bridge and 3rd, but not very likely, there’s no railroad tracks and it’s not the longest bridge, which is the Central Ave Bridge. The direction of the photo shot is West. Now for the date, it would have to be before the races, so I would say early 1908. I need a break from this now

Mar 29 2014 Art Kleiner 8:14 AM

Hmm,  looks like one of two bridges - but I will wager the photo is looking south at the Powell Avenue bridge.  Would have to be August/September, 1908, probably August.

Mar 29 2014 brian mccarthy 4:01 PM

Now that’s a mystery photo! I think it would’ve been more of a challenge if Central Park was’nt mentioned. This is definitely Bethpage, looking south to the building of the Nibbe Farmway overpass, and also the road construction of the LIMP in 1908. There looks to be a developed road to the left, maybe Plainview Rd? Perhaps a farm rd.

Mar 29 2014 Michael M. 5:47 PM

Powell Avenue Bridge, looking south with Plainview Road in the left side of photo.  Photo taken 1908.

Mar 29 2014 Steve Lucas 6:04 PM

That looks like the Nibbe farmway bridge, being built during the late summer or early fall of 1908. I believe the view is looking south.

Mar 30 2014 frank femenias 4:49 PM

I’m going with Nibbes’ farmway bridge facing south, 1908. The house on the hill could be located on Stymus Ave. If facing south, the shadows in the photo indicate the time is afternoon.

Mar 30 2014 Ted 10:15 PM

Wait a minute, can it be the Round Swamp Road Bridge in 1908?

Apr 01 2014 Ted 12:14 AM

I think I did pretty good on this one. I mentioned the Nibbe Bridge and 1908. I always get confused with the direction, I need something to go by. By the way what is that house? I’ll see you at the presentation on Thursday
Ted, it was one of the buildings on the Stymus Farm.

Apr 01 2014 Ted 9:25 PM

Thanks for that answer

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