May 15 2018

Profile Series: Tucker 1007- The Metallic Blue Tucker at the LeMay Collections in Tacoma

In the eighth of our profile series on the 51 Tuckers, the metallic blue Tucker 1007 of the LeMay Collections of Marymount located in Tacoma, Washington.
Howard Kroplick

Tucker 1007

Original Color: Green/300
Current Color: Deep Metallic Blue


June 12, 1948: Sold to Air-Cooled Motors, Syracuse, New York and used for engine testing.

October 20, 1950: Purchased by David Graver of Kilroy Motors of Irvington, New Jersey at the Tucker Bankruptcy auction.

1953: Purchased by Nick Jenin of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Became part of his"Fabulous Tuckers Show". In the early 1960s was painted a bright red-orange, then later painted black.

1964: Sold to W. Ray Wallace of Dallas, Texas.  In 1978, Wallace began a 15-year restoration. Painted a deep metallic blue in the early 1990s.

October 30, 1994: Purchased at auction by Bill Ray Gouldd of Las Vegas, Nevada for a $255,000.

2001: The Petersen Museum of Los Angeles, CA bought Tucker 1007 as part of a large group of cars. Bill Ray Gouldd has been ordered to sell under an agreement with the FTC after running a major pyramid scheme in the 1990s. The Petersen Museum was not interested in keeping Tucker 1007 and only bought it to acquire other cars within the group.

June 16, 2002: Purchased by the LeMay Family for $334,800 at a Barrett-Jackson auction.

Current Owner: LeMay Collections at Marymount

Current Ownership Type: Museum

Location: Tacoma, Washington
Website: LeMay Collections

Profile and Images (Tucker Automobile Club of America)

Engine: Franklin 0-335, 6-cylinder horizontally opposed, 334 cubic inch, 166 HP
Transmission: Cord

Notes/Distinguishing Features:

     - Used for testing of the Franklin engine at Air-Cool Motors in Syracuse in 1948

      -Unique Metallic Blue Color (Originally Andante Green)

    - Was part of Nick Jenin's "Fabulous Tuckers Show" until 1964.


Tucker 1007 was likely on one of the "Fabulous Tuckers" trailers in the 1950s,

The copy reads:" World's Only Complete Exhibit... America's Most Controversal Cars".


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Please tell us about the bare chassis on the lead trailer.  Sam, III

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