Dec 14 2018

Profile Series: Tucker 1008- The Maroon Tucker at the Richard E. Driehaus Collection in Chicago

In the ninth of profiles on 51 Tuckers, the maroon Tucker located in the Richard H. Driehaus Collection at the Chicago Vintage Motor Carriage is featured.
Howard Kroplick

Tucker 1008

Original Color: Beige/400
Current Color: Maroon


September 1949: Rudy Schroeder won Tucker 1008 in a VFW raffle in 1949. He kept it for a short time but had to sell it because his insurance company couldn’t insure the car.

Unknown dates: Tucker 1008 was sold to Willis Jones and latter to Les Schaeffer of Steelton , Pennsylvania. Schaffer would latter be an owner of Tucker 1044.

1981-1999: Sold to the Imperial Palace Collection of LasVegas, Nevada.

1999- Current: Sold to the Driehaus Collection

Current Owner: Richard H. Driehaus, Chicago, Illinois

Current Ownership Type: Private

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Website: Chicago Vintage Motor Carriage

Profile and Images: Tucker Automobile Club of America-Tucker 1008

Engine: Franklin 0-335, 6-cylinder horizontally opposed, 334 cubic inch, 166 HP
 Transmission: Cord

Notes/Distinguishing Features:

     - Only Tucker ever won in a raffle

       -In 2011, Rudy Schroeder, the early owner, was reunited with Tucker 1008 by Stephen Murphy, curator of the Driehaus Collection. Rudy and his son Steve got to drive 1008 and even rode to Midway Airport with their luggage in the trunk.

Rudy Schroeder winning Tucker 1008 at a 1949 VFW raffle.

Rudy Schroeder reunited with Tucker 1008 in 2011.

At the 2016 Elegance at Hershey


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