Oct 15 2013

Relive the Long Island Motor Parkway Sweepstakes This Sunday Throughout Nassau County

Ellyn Okvist, President of the Lake Ronkonkoma Heritage Association, has provided details on this Sunday's exciting tribute to the 1908 Motor Parkway Sweepstakes. The Alco Black Beast is scheduled to participate in the initial route from East Meadow to Levittown.


Howard Kroplick

Meet in Eisenhower Park 8 am, Field 1.  Note the change.

We will be escorted by NASSAU COUNTY Police Motorcycle Units

Two RACE CARD STOPS will be made; first at the Grandstand Site on Crocus Lane, Levittown, and will be manned by The Greater New York Antique Automobile Club of America: and the second at the FARMINGDALE FIRE DEPARTMENT, which will be manned by Firemen. 

We will follow the original Race route from 1908, with just a few minor alterations to accommodate modern roads.  Once we return to Eisenhower Park, we will socialize, take pictures, and then on to Fridays for lunch. (If you have not yet presented an RSVP for lunch, please do so ASAP)

If there are any questions, or just feel like saying hello, call or email me. 

Ellyn Okvist
Lake Ronkonkoma Heritage Association
(631) 831-1670

The Long Island Motor Parkway Sweepstakes
Sunday, October 20, 2013
Presented by Lake Ronkonkoma Heritage Association

The Race Course Schedule is as follows: 
8am- All cars will assemble at Eisenhower Park Field 2
8am- mechanicians will register and receive their check in credentials at the Officials Desk
            After preparing their car, they will report to the Racing Officials and
           **Receive their first check in on the RACE CARD    
9am sharp- the race begins

Official  Start:
-Leave Eisenhower Park Field 1
-Right onto Park Boulevard
-Right onto Merrick Avenue
-Right onto Old Country Road
-Right onto Salisbury Park Drive (Sections were the Long Island Motor Parkway)
-Bear left onto Carnation Road
-Right  onto Orchid Road
-Left onto Crocus Lane, Levittown
        ** Race Card Stop -Check in point- Where we will observe the Grandstand Property-
-Right onto Blacksmith Road
-Left onto Cool Lane
-Right onto Jerusalem Avenue
-Left onto Hempstead Turnpike

-Right onto Fulton Street
-Left onto Main Street, Farmingdale             
      ** Race Card Stop- Check-in point :  Farmingdale Fire Dept.
-Right onto Round Swamp Road

** Race Card Stop- check in point-Plainview Fire Department Station #3,  958 Round Swamp Road, Old Bethpage, NY  11804
-Left onto Bethpage Road turns into Manetto Hill Road
-Right onto Woodbury Road
-Left onto Jericho Turnpike Route 25
-Left onto Ellison Avenue
-Left onto Old Country Road
-Right onto Merrick Avenue
-Left on Park Boulevard , left into Field 2 and FINISH LINE
-Finish Line Vintage Flag from FREEPORT RACEWAY courtesy of Mr. Marty Hines.
                                   **Race Card Stop- Check- in point at Finish Line

All mechanicians will report to Officials Desk, and authenticate their Race Cards.
Fridays for lunch, and the final Race Card Check-in Card

Spectators are asked to observe at any location on the route.
Race Cards will be stamped at the ** locations.

A printed route and a map has been drawn  for visual support.  It will be available at check in.

1908 Motor Parkway Sweepstakes

At the Starting Line for the Motor Parkway Sweepstakes. The grandstand with a 5,000 spectator capacity is in the background.

At the Starting Line for the Garden City Sweepstakes.

At the Starting Line for the Nassau Sweepstakes.

The Pressbox and Official's Stand. Note the separate scoreboards for the five sweepstakes races.

Classic Sweepstakes photo showing Herb Lytle driving the P#42 Isotta passed the Jerusalem Avenue Highway Bridge. Note the outline of the grandstand can be seen through the bridge.

Herb Lytle winning the Motor Parkway Sweepstakes.


Oct 20 2013 Karen Cordaro 2:04 PM

It was great to see all of you this morning!  You had a beautiful day to pay tribute to the Long Island Motor Parkway Sweepstakes!

Oct 21 2013 Ted 1:51 AM

I have one thing to say,which I don’t like to say and I think some of you know what I’m talking about. Thiings weren’t organized about the rout we were taking,the police escort,I think didn’t do such a good job,they didn’t wait for all the cars to go past before going to the next point,so some cars had to stop for red lights,whick included me and about three others plus John in the truck,so we all rushed thru the traffic to try to catch up,which couldn’t be done,they were to far ahead and made a turn and I didn’t know where to go,lucky I had directions,I found my way,passing right by you at the firehouse and hooked up with them again.There were cars trying to get in front of us,make turns,cross the intersections and we had our flashers and headlights on,they saw a gap between cars and went for it,not in front of me their not,gave them the horn and kept going.Hope I didn’t bore you but I thought you should know about it for the next time.There just wasn’t enough police for this Motor Parkway Drive

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