Feb 16 2019

Surveyor Clinton Robertson Photo Album: The Surveyors of the Long Island Motor Parkway

In the ninth of the photo series from surveyor Clinton A. Robertson's newly discovered Motor Parkway construction album, photos of Clinton Robertson and his fellow surveyors are featured.

Clinton A. Robertson's Long Island Motor Parkway Construction Photo Album 
  While working as a surveyor on the Long Island Motor Parkway in 1908 and 1909, Clinton A. Robertson (above) documented the Motor Parkway construction  and his fellow workers with his trusty camera. Lost for 109 years, Robertson's photo scrapbook with 84 amazing images of the Motor Parkway was recently purchased for $20 in a New Jersey flea market and resold on Ebay for over $3,000 to one crazy Motor Parkway fan.

 Howard Kroplick

Field party at Willie K's Deepdale Estate, Lake Success.

Clinton Robertson

Clinton Robertson at a Mineola workers' shanty, June 1909

From left to right: Surveyors Robertson, L.W. Burgess, and N.W. Sawyer, October 1909.

N.W. Sawyer and L.W. Burgess, Fall, 1909.

L.W. Burgess

Field party at lunch, Mineola, June 1908.

Norton and Arthur Archibald at Lake Success

Arthur Archibald was the primary surveyor of the Malverne Motor Parkway surveys discovered in 2017.


Feb 17 2019 Brian D McCarthy 9:56 AM

A crew of guys who enjoy what they do for a living. Must have been chummy with Willy K for them to be having a ball on his estate.Maybe they gave Willy K a quick lesson on surveying , I was always curious too.

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