Aug 21 2015

Update: The Alco Black Beast Conquers the Port Jefferson Hill Climb!

It was a wonderful day for a hill climb! The Alco Black Beast and  59 other vintage cars successfully made it up the Port Jefferson hill. Videos and photos to follow later in the week!

Watch the Alco Black Beast Racer attempt the Port Jefferson Hill Climb this Sunday. Newsday lists the event as a "Best Thing To Do This Weekend."

A total of four automotive events will be held on Long Island on Sunday and Monday.


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Howard Kroplick


Aug 21 2015 Ted 5:06 PM

Howard I hope you make it up the hill on Sunday. Good luck, hope you don’t overheat with the hot weather

Aug 22 2015 frank femenias 10:26 PM

That is steep! I’m getting 8.2% grade on E Broadway. Good luck with that!!

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