Jan 18 2017

The Dudgeon “Red Devil” Steam Wagon Legal Case Updated: 1/20/2017

The April 1942 issue of The Bulb Horn republished a 1938 Herald Tribune article on a legal case concerning the Dudgeon "Red Devil" Steam Wagon with photos of how it looked in 1942. Thanks Gary Hammond and Art Kleiner for discovering the date of the Herald Tribune article.

Update 1/20/2017: Date was provided for the Herald Tribune article (see below Hammond's Historic Happenings).


Howard Kroplick

The Bulb Horn April 1942

1938 Herald Tribune

The Bulb Horn, January 1949

In the 10th commemorative issue of  the first The Bulb Horn, this article on the Dudgeon was published.

Hammond's Historical Happenings (Submitted by Gary Hammond)

Gary Hammond: The Dudgeon would become involved in a Nassau County court battle involving custody and ownership.   Unfortunately, no records seem to exist from the case, as they probably were destroyed in the early 1980’s in the Mitchel Field Hanger # 1 fire when all the County court and clerk’s records stored there were destroyed.

New York Evening Observer, June 23, 1938

See the article about Fannie Dudgeon - quite an interesting person - a bookie arrested twice!

The New York Times, December 1, 1949


Jan 19 2017 Steve Lucas 9:05 PM

The original Tribune article was printed in 1938. I found a similar article on the front page of the Nassau Daily Review-Star dated June 23, 1938. You’ll have to take my word for it - the site was protected and would not let me copy, save, or forward.

Jan 22 2017 S. Berliner, III 9:42 AM

Whee!  Kirk Gibson?  HA!  That’s clearly Rudolph Hess at the wheel in ‘42/49!  Sorry, Jr.  Steve, bring up the Review-Star again and hit Print/Screen; I’ll try it later.  Great work, Howard.  Sam, III<http://sbiii.com/dudgeon.html>

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