Jul 08 2014

The Silk Menu Celebrating Louis Wagner- Winner of the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race

Five days after the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race, the winner Louis Wagner was celebrated at a banquet at Cafe Martin in Manhattan. As a special gift for the dinner, each guest received a silk menu.


Howard Kroplick

As reported in the October 18,1906 issue of The Automobile:

At the Cafe Martin, New York City, Thursday night, October 11, Edward Gibbs Murphy, the well-known auto enthusiast, gave an elaborate and artistic dinner to Louis Wagner and members of the Vanderbilt Cup Commission. Chairman J.D. Thompson made a versatile toastmaster, and he was flanked by Cup Winner Wagner, the guest of honor, President John Farson, of the A.A.A., and ex-Chairman R.L. Morrell and A.R. Pardington. A representation of the Long Island course was given with pleasing effect on the table, around which were seated a half hundred guests.

A silk menu was given to the 50 guests.

Specially named items on menu:


Mignons de Boeuf a la Wagner

Pommes Vivet

Sorbet Darracq

Salade Hairpin Turn

Coupe Vanderbilt

The dinner ended with Cognac Otard Dupuy 1848.


Jul 10 2014 Ariejan Bos 9:32 AM

It’s amazing that the cognac bottle is still almost full! How many people must have resisted the temptation to taste it during the past 108 years? Or someone must have kept it in a safe all the time ...

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