Mar 30 2019

Update:Tucker 1044 Highlights from the Simeone Museum’s Tucker Day

Thanks everyone for coming out for a very special Tucker day at the wonderful Simeone Museum in Philadelphia.

Several highlights are below with many spectacular images from photographer Andrew Taylor for the Simeone Museum.

Additional photos from Tucker Day at the Simeone Museum.

Additional photos from Schen Photography


Howard Kroplick


From left to right: Mike Tucker, Dr. Fred Simeone, John Tucker, Jr., Howard Kroplick, Mark Lieberman, Rob Ida, and Sean Tucker.

The Presentation

Dr. Fred Simeone opened the program

A great crowd of Tucker fans required additional seats to be be added!

Following the presentations, the participants held a book-signing of the official Tucker 1044 restoration book.

The Demo Run

Courtesy of Schen Photography

The Tucker family driving Tucker 1044 for a demo drive.

At the 0:10 second mark of the video, the cyclops eye turns on during a turn.


Mar 30 2019 Chuck R. 11:09 PM

It was a thoroughly fabulous day.  The talk was informative and enjoyable.  Despite all I’ve read in several books, I learned even more today.  We’ll have to do it again…..soon. wink

Mar 30 2019 Howard Kroplick 11:10 PM

Roger R: Thank you Howard Kroplick, Rob Ida, John Jr, Mike Tucker & Sean Tucker, Mark Lieberman, and Fred Simeone for this experience I will never forget.

Mar 30 2019 Howard Kroplick 11:11 PM

Richard T: 
Thank you Howard. Great event.


Mar 31 2019 Howard Kroplick 1:16 PM

Jan Hyde:

Great day at one of my favorite places!

Mar 31 2019 Howard Kroplick 5:24 PM

Wonderful photos and a video have been added from Schen Photography.

Apr 01 2019 frank femenias 1:32 AM

1044 looks fabulous in the video. I haven’t seen her in person yet but likely a superb restore. In the video, I can’t find any faults anywhere, amazing all the lines meet perfectly. Excellent work by all and the dedication to get this accomplished. Congrats Howard and to all involved.

Apr 02 2019 mark schaier 9:08 AM

Howard, I now know more about this Mark Lieberman and his Nostalgic Motoring Ltd. Impressive! I understand now why he’s the one who try to explain my question about why the Air Cooled Franklin engine was converted to a water cooled engine.

Howard Kroplick.
Mark, agree!

Apr 03 2019 mark schaier 1:19 PM

Also Mark Lieberman clarified for me, outside during the demo, showed him a photo of this blue Tucker convertible ‘secret? prototype’ that some of you may have known about, “FAKE-BOUGHT STUFF FROM US”!! looked up another day, information about this, yes it’s a fabrication of real recondition parts and mostly remanufactured parts done at later date? A FAKE!!

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