Jul 19 2010

The “Black Beast” at Sunday’s Port Jefferson Hill Climb and Hicksville NY Autofest

Last Sunday was a very busy day for the "Black Beast" team with two events; the Port Jefferson Hill Climb in the morning and the New York Autofest in Hicksville in the afternoon. Here are the highlights:

Sunday Morning

It was wonderful morning in Port Jefferson celebrating the centennial of the 1910 Port Jefferson Hill Climb. The Alco "Black Beast" was exhibited in front of the beautiful Village Center, made a parade lap and then raced part way up the hill before overheating. I learned the "Black Beast" doesn't like to idle in 90 degree heat. Overall, it was great fun!


Several of the beautiful vintage cars that arrived via ferry from Connecticut.


The "Black Beast" waiting in line to start the climb.


The crowd at the starting line.


A classic photo of the Alco "Black Beast" racing Manny Dragone's 1907 Fiat. Note the steam coming out of the Alco's radiator. Was the Port Jefferson Hill the cause? Oh no, it was a "beauty" of a heat spell that killed the "Beast". Photo courtesy of Fuzzygalore.com... where more photos from the event have been posted.


Update: July 24, 2010: Time Beacon Record's Juy 22, 2010 article on the Port Jefferson Hill Climb.

Sunday Afternoon

Following the Hill Climb, we headed 35 miles west to Hicksville for the New York Autofest 3. Despite the heat, over 300 cars were on display with at least a thousand people in attendance. With water back in the radiator, the "Black Beast" was able to roar again to the delight of the crowd.


Always a wow!


Sam Greco's White and Oldsmobile with the Alco.


Checking out the belly of the Beast.

Next Sunday, the Alco "Black Beast" will return to the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum for the Vanderbilt Auto Show, "Celebrating the American Automobile Through the Decades"


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