Jul 30 2013

Then & Now: Vanderbilt Cup Race Courses

This brief film shows the dramatic changes on Long Island over the last 100 years comparing sections of the Vanderbilt Cup Race courses (1904-1910) to recent views.


Howard Kroplick


Jan 26 2010 Frank Tedesco 12:54 PM

Howard, What a great website! Fellow Buick Club member and friend Walter Gosden advised that I check it out.  I never knew these races were in my backyard. I live on the Levittown / Plainedge border, minutes from the “Massapequa Turn” and “Deadmans Curve”  among many others. This site will keep me busy for some time. Keep up the good work.
Regards, Frank Tedesco

Jul 31 2013 Desmond McGlynn 12:05 AM

Really enjoyed it. Like seeing ghosts of another time. It would be interesting to see ore transitional photos through the years to get a better “connection” to that period.

Aug 01 2013 Ted 2:16 AM

Out of all the films just two are’nt quite the same,Deadman Curve Bethpage and Orchid Rd.&Crocus; Ln. Levittown. Hay Frank Tedesco your in the same boat as I am,I’m in Plainview and am pretty new at this too,so don’t feel bad that you don’t know much about all of this,I started out the same way as you are,just keep up with the website and you’ll catch on and learn alot

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