Sep 07 2018 Polls (New Poll: September 8, 2018)

A review on the polls placed on

Poll #18: Which Downtown in Suffolk County is most fun to explore?

Answer: Port Jefferson was the winner (31%), followed by Huntington (24% and Northport (12%).

Poll #17: What color should Tucker 1044 be painted?

Answer: The original Andante Green was the clear winner (78%) followed by Waltz Green (8%), Maroon (5%) and Root Beer Brown (4%).

Poll #16: What is you favorite Halloween candy?

Answers: Kit Kat Bar (30%) followed by Reeses' Peanut Butter Cups.

Poll #15: Should the Tucker '48 automobiles be a featured marque at the 2018 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance?

Answers: 88% Yes, 9% No, 3% No Opinion

Poll #14: Placement of a historic marker for the location of Curtiss Field's Hangar 16 on Old Country Road?

Answer: 97% Yes

Poll #13: Where can you find the best pizza in Nassau County?

Winner: Umberto's Pizzeria, New Hyde Park

Poll #12: Which of the following automobiles would you like to own?

Winner: 1909 Alco Black Beast Racer (33%)

Poll#11: On the average, how often do you visit

Winner: 1 time a week (52%)

More than 1 time a week (48%)

Poll #10: Which is your favorite candy?

Winner: M&Ms 28%

Poll #9: Which automobile do you prefer?

Winner (tie!):

Corvette: 50%

Mustang: 50%

Poll #8: Are you planning on attending the 2014 Hershey Region AACA Meet?

Yes: 85%

Poll #7: Would you like the Old Courthouse Motor Parkway Bridge designated as a town landmark?

Yes: 98%

Poll #6: Which of the following is your favorite Long Island Museum?

Winner: Cradle of Aviation 33%

Poll #5: Which of the following is your favorite Long Island car show?

Winner: AACA Old Westbury Meet 51%

Poll #4: Who is your favorite Vanderbilt Cup Race driver?

Winner: Louis Chevrolet 55%

Poll #3: Are you planning to go to the Fall Meet of the AACA in Hershey this year?

Yes: 67%

Poll #2: Which is your favorite LI Vanderbilt Cup Race?

Winner: 1904 Race 31%

Poll #1: Favorite section of the Long Island Motor Parkway-

Winner: Queens 22%


Jan 04 2015 Artie Finnegan 3:51 PM

I am glad to see that Old Westbury Gardens is the winner, as Chief Judge last year I can tell you It’s a lot of work and I am glad to see it appreciated by fellow car owners.We had over 500 cars hope to see the Chrysler there next year.  Artie.

Jan 04 2015 Artie Finnegan 3:52 PM

The Old Court house Bridge should be a definite landmark, as well as that stretch of the parkway .  Artie.

May 27 2018 mark schaier 7:51 PM

Artie, I am disappointed that old Westbury car meet is schedule the same time as the Greenwich Concours d’Elegance meet, both good car meets but I prefer the Greenwich, try to leave Greenwich early enough for a stopover at Old Westbury on my way back home to L.I. but some of the of vehicles are on there way out. PLEASE RESCHEDULE FOR FUTURE EVENTS, So I can enjoy both events at a leisurely pace.

Oct 08 2018 Jerry Helck 11:51 AM

I have no opinion about the marker, but I do have a boyhood recollection of “knowing” that it was George Robertson who drove “Lindy” to the airport that morning.

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