Jul 30 2014

Video “Taking a Ride in the Black Beast”

On May 18, 2014 over forty members of the Jaguar Drivers Club of Long Island and the MG Club took a cruise to the Black Beast Garage at Waterfront at Roslyn. Twenty-five cruisers took a ride in the Black Beast. George Carrasquillo documented his ride in this four minute video.



Howard Kroplick


Jul 31 2014 Michael LaBarbera 1:41 PM

Hi Howard, I was amazed to see that the car goes in reverse. Did it go in reverse back in the early days?  And a question about the mechanician’s fuel pump, im curious .... is it still functional or is there a fuel pump now ?  Love the dual drive chains, early posi rear !!  Mike

From Howard Kroplick:

Mike, yes I believe the Black Beast always had a reverse. No, the mechancian’s pump is no longer functional. There is a fuel pump.

Sep 03 2014 Michael LaBarbera 8:30 AM

And as far as the electric starter, did it always have that as well ? Can you still crank the motor by hand ? mike

From Howard Kroplick

The starter was added around 15 years ago in Europe. The Black Beast still can be hand cranked.

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