Aug 25 2015

Video: The Alco Black Beast Conquers the Port Jefferson Hill Climb

Last Sunday, the Alco Black Beast and 59 other vintage automobiles took the Port Jefferson Hill Climb challenge, a tradition dating back to 1910. Above super photo courtesy of Jeff Payne.

Watch me and  master mechanician Sam Greco in the Black Beast finally conquer the Port Jefferson Hill.

More images and videos from the event will be posted later this week. If you have any photos or videos, please forward them to .



Howard Kroplick

Link to Alco Black Beast videos


Aug 26 2015 Mike Cain 9:42 AM

My first time at this event and it was lots of fun. I had total confidence that the Black Beast would make the top of the hill. It was interesting to see the nervous faces on some of the drivers as they started up the hill. Everyone attending had a great time. Nice to see you again Howard and congratulations on getting to the top!

Aug 27 2015 Ted 12:57 AM

I haven’t been on here in a couple of days,my daughter and grandson are visiting this week,so that’s keeping me busy and I don’t have the time. Sunday’s hill climb most have been exciting,it looked like you had no problem with it,you were going at a pretty good clip from what I see in the video,having a blast,all smiles,can’t wait to see the rest of it

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