May 05 2009

The National Highway Association’s #25 Motor Parkway License Plate

Gene, here's a neat coincidence- I also own the number 25 Motor Parkway red and white plate issued in 1928. Accordingly, I have researched this particular plate at the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum. First, let's discuss the Motor Parkway plate -which was likely the first "E-Z" pass.

As described on page 100 of the book Long Island Motor Parkway, these porcelain plates were issued on an annual basis for $50 to permit unlimited use of parkway for a calendar year. During the 1920s, the Long Island Motor Parkway would supply two complimentary Number 25 plates to the National Highway Association. This group promoted the need for good highways with cars covered by #25 license plates from every state.

The good news- all Motor Parkway plates are highly sought-after pieces of Vanderbilia.


May 14 2009 Al Velocci 6:46 PM

Is Gene’s plate dated? Al

May 18 2009 Howard Kroplick 10:57 AM


There is no date on Gene’s plate. What are the possible years that Gene’s plate was issued?


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