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  • Nov 21 2012

    The Amazing Fairchild Aerials of Long Island

    Sherman Mills Fairchild (1896-1971) was an inventor, entreprenueur and a pioneer in aerial surveys and the aviation industry.

  • Aug 22 2012

    The Amazing Roslyn Estate of a 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race Spectator

    Clarence Mackay (1874-1938) was the heir to the Comstock silver fortune and a major figure in the development of the international telegraph business. Before and after the Vanderbilt Cup Races, Mackay would host huge parties for friends and business associates at his 648-acre Harbor Hill Estate overlooking the village of

  • Jun 19 2012

    An Amazing Aerial of Deepdale Estate and the Marcus Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge in Lake Success

    This 1927 aerial shows a spectacular view of the Deepdale Mansion, former Lake Success home of William K. Vanderbilt, Jr., and the Marcus Avenue Motor Parkway Bridge.

  • Dec 09 2010

    Aerial Views of the Motor Parkway in Bethpage

    Tony D: I would like to thank you for writing your books on the LIMP and the Vanderbilt Cup Races. I saw that you have an aerial photo of Stewart ave and the LIMP in Bethpage from the 50's. It stops at the south side of Central Avenue,do you

  • Nov 17 2010

    Willie K’s Mother’s “Beacon Towers” Castle in Sands Point

    One of the most amazing mansions ever built on Long Island was the residence of William K. Vanderbilt, Jr's mother, Alva Vanderbilt Belmont.

  • May 17 2010

    Aerials of the Motor Parkway in Hollis Hills, Queens

    Steve, this 1941 aerial shows the Motor Parkway in Hollis Hills looking east. The photo is courtesy of the Fairchild Collection at the Benjamin and Gladys Thomas Air Photo Archives located in the UCLA Department of Geography.

  • Dec 11 2009

    The Fairchild Collection of the NY State Archives-North Hempstead

    The latest favorite website on VanderbiltCupRaces.com The Fairchild Aerial Survey Collection in the New York State Archives,forwarded by Bill Bellmer, provides hundreds of historic aerial photos of New York. Last Thursday's post highlighted several Motor Parkway aerial surveys in Queens. A few more Motor Parkway treasures can be

  • Dec 09 2009

    Favorite Website: The Fairchild Collection of the NY State Archives-Queens

    Bill Bellmer has discovered a website gem for all LIMPers who enjoy the historic Fairchild aerial surveys of Long Island: The Fairchild Aerial Survey Collection in the New York State Archives. Hundreds of aerials from the 1940s and 1950s can be enlarged and printed out. Of course the real challenge

  • Jun 04 2009

    1951 Aerial View of LIMP Right-Of-Way and Edith K’s Home in Melville

    In response to a VanderbiltCupRaces "contact us" email from Edith K., a 1935 photo of the Long Island Motor Parkway Bridge over Broad Hollow Bridge in Melville was posted yesterday. As promised, today's post features a 1951 Fairchild aerial of the LIMP ROW east of Broad Hollow Road and, hopefully, a view

  • Feb 10 2009

    In Search of the Nassau Boulevard Toll Booth: Part III

    Sunday's post In Search of the Fresh Meadows Toll Booth: Part I documented that the Motor Parkway designated two new "toll lodges" in Queens when the Nassau Boulevard entrance was opened on July 1, 1928. The existence of the Rocky Hill Road Toll Booth was confirmed in both aerial photos and a

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