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  • Dec 16 2011

    A Family Inquiry:  Jefferson De Mont Thompson- Chairman of the Vanderbilt Cup Commission

    John S: "I've been doing some research on my family. Colonel Jefferson Dement (Demont) Thompson, my great-grandfather's nephew, is buried here at Maple Hill Cemetery in Huntsville, Alabama. I'm sure he's the same Dement (Demont) that keeps "popping up" in my internet searches. Do you have any information on him?"

  • May 09 2009

    Anderson Cooper’s Grandfather at the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race

    CNN journalist Anderson Cooper's grandfather Reginald Vanderbilt was William K.Vanderbilt Jr's cousin. In this photo, Reggie Vanderbilt (second from the left) can be seen speaking to Willie K. at the start of the 1906 Vanderbilt Cup Race. The man with the binoculars is Jefferson De Mont Thompson, chairman of the