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  • Jan 14 2017

    The Melton Museum of Norwalk, Connecticut (1948-1953)

    James Melton (1904-1961) was a popular singer for over 30 years from the 1920s and had a successful career on stage, radio and film. Melton was also one of the most prominent early antique car collectors.

  • Mar 07 2012

    Hemmings Blog:“S.P.O.: the only one, and it still rolls”

    Jim Donnelly, Hemmings Senior Editor, gave a wonderful shout-out today to VanderbiltCupRaces.com on the Hemmings Blog.

  • Feb 14 2012

    The Only Known Existing S.P.O. Automobile

    Among the historic cars owned by Rick Rawlins of California is the only known S.P.O. automobile (Société Francaise de Petit Outillage of Clinchy, France). Rick has forwarded photos of his raceabout to compare with my one photo of a S.P.O. taken at the 1910 Wheatley Sweepstakes.