1908 Vanderbilt Cup Race

America's first victory in the Vanderbilt Cup Races

Location: Nassau Conty, Long Island, New York
Date: October 24, 1908

It was two years before Long Island presented the fourth race for the Cup. and under conditions considerably altered. Because of the bloodshed in 1906, the circuit now comprised nine miles of the new parkway; the first concrete auto highway in the world. With its protective features for the straying public it was looked upon as the solution to the disorders which had characterized all preceding Vanderbilts. However, 14 miles still traversed the public turnpikes with their inadequate facilities for herding the reckless spectators. Another departure from established Cup traditions was the boycott by the great firms of Europe. In their support of the new rulings by the powerful Automobile Club of France the days of International team competition were over; on Long Island at least.